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School in Kansas City | Whitefield Academy

What Makes Whitefield Academy Different?

We desire to educate and cultivate students who are critical thinkers, clear communicators and compassionate leaders.  What will this look like for your child? They will be immersed in a distinctly Christian culture where they walk alongside nurturing faculty and examine life through the lens of Scripture. They will experience joy as they develop their unique talents and interests, form lasting friendships with classmates, and deepen their understanding of themselves as image bearers of God. Whitefield students thrive as part of a challenging, loving school family.

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Give Your Child A Classical Christian Education

Whitefield Academy cultivates vibrant, well-trained minds prepared for higher education and lifelong learning for the glory of God.
prekindergarten | Whitefield Academy

Pre-K and TK

The early childhood years are the most important and influential time in a child’s life, and provide the best opportunity to cultivate an enduring love of learning.

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grammar | Whitefield Academy

Grammar (K - 6)

Elementary aged students are eager to learn and absorb information, so we deliver curriculum in ways that lay the foundation for advanced study.

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logic | Whitefield Academy

Logic (7th - 9th)

As students begin to analyze the world around them and question “why,” we teach them formal logic and the correct methods of reasoning.

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rhetoric | Whitefield Academy

Rhetoric (10th - 12th)

The culmination of the process of learning brings knowledge and understanding together to be expressed wisely and persuasively.

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Watch A Webinar

If you are considering a private Christian school for your children, you'll want to watch our helpful webinars. The topics range from affordablity concerns to school culture questions. Our desire is to give parents a full understanding of our community and be a helpful guide to those who are interested in joining the Whitefield Academy family.

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high_school_art | Whitefield Academy

“One of the ways Whitefield prepares you for college is the required 20 page thesis paper and defense.  If you can write and defend that, then you can survive any research paper your college professor throws your way.”

Sarah Coates,
2015 Whitefield Graduate

"We love Whitefield because instead of simply pushing our children on to the next grade, every member of the faculty and staff are wholeheartedly and prayerfully concerned with growing our children into Godly, intelligent and critically thinking individuals."

Rachel Hutson,
Whitefield Parent

"The teachers find the way to connect what we learn in class  to the BIble and put it in real life perspective.  All the stuff I do here at Whitefield is to glorify God more."

Jordan Threat,
6th Grade Student

"At Whitefield, three things are central: Christ, character and community.  In everything we do, as faculty, staff and students, and everywhere we go, we seek first to honor Christ."

Matt McIntosh,
Whitefield Teacher

student_life | Whitefield Academy

Grow in Mind, Body, and Soul at Whitefield

One of the most unique aspects of student life at Whitefield Academy is the interaction that students of all ages have with each other. From performing on the stage to competing on the field, our students are highly engaged in a variety of activities and traditions that create a rhythm of student life at Whitefield.

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Faculty Who Teach, Mentor, and Lead

At Whitefield, we enjoy a diverse faculty, many of whom have advanced degrees in their field of study and many years of educational experience. Most importantly, every member of the Whitefield Academy faculty professes their faith in Jesus Christ and desires to care for our students both academically and spiritually.

Get to Know Our Teachers
Faculty | Whitefield Academy
Visit Whitefield | Whitefield Academy

Interested in Visiting Whitefield?

 Visit our campus during school hours. Meet faculty, staff, and students, and enjoy a tour of our classrooms. Get a first hand look inside our vibrant learning community.

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