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At Whitefield Academy we are excited for our clear communicators, critical thinkers, and compassionate leaders to impact the world beyond high school. Our college planning process assists students and their parents.


college guidance | Whitefield AcademyYoung Students

Our preparation for college begins early with instructing the students in important academic skills and problem solving. Careful reading and synthesis of information is key to all learning.


Grades 7-12

Students are encouraged in all aspects of a true liberal arts education. They also have a career day in the spring where they may attend seminars on various vocations and avocations.


Grades 10-12

Students in grades 10-12 participate in our September Knowledge for College event to assist and monitor individual progress toward their college application goals. Students and parents are acquainted with all aspects of college consideration, including types of applications, breadth of college choices and financial options.

Students continue to meet one-on-one with our college guidance counselor to establish goals, make and execute a college search, college application and scholarship plan.


Students participate in several testing programs with college in mind.

Eligible seventh graders are enrolled in the Duke TIPS program

Sophomores take the PSAT, which helps determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Juniors and Seniors take the ACT and SAT.

Over the past eight years our students have averaged a 27 on the combined portions of the ACT which counts among Kansas City’s elite schools. The writing portion of the exam is taken by all juniors and seniors, who have been 100% successful.


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To get information on specific universities and colleges, including college planning and aid, please see collegeboard.org and princetonreview.com.

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