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Pre-Kindergarten1 | Whitefield AcademyPre-Kindergarten offers our youngest students, our “Little Lions” the opportunity to begin their school years in a loving, supportive, nurturing, and faith-filled atmosphere. Our class is limited to 14 in order to ensure that each one receives the best care and attention possible.

While the emphasis is on fun, nothing is done just to “keep the kids occupied.” Every activity and game serves a larger purpose.

At this age children learn through fun activities. Each aspect of the day is designed to teach the first steps in the essential skills of literacy and numeracy--skills they will use the rest of their lives. Pre-K students learn the alphabet, a few basic phonograms, and learn to count. Art teaches spatial awareness and improves fine motor skills. Music opens them to the joy of musical expression. In the gym, they improve their balance and hand-eye coordination through fun games.

This year is an important year for social and emotional development. The “Little Lions” learn to play cooperatively, to listen to and respond to instructions, and practice Christ-like kindness to one another.



Preparing for Kindergarten: Getting Your Child Ready and Reading

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