Each student is a unique individual with unique personal, social, and educational needs. As a result, every disciplinary situation becomes unique in nature. Consequences for misbehavior provide the best learning value when matched to the unique student and the unique situation. The odds for children learning from their mistakes increase dramatically when children see a reasonable connection between their behavior and the resulting consequences.

Our school staff dedicates itself to following a set of core beliefs that provides a guide for dealing with student discipline. These core beliefs guide our attempts to individualize disciplinary procedures and to help students see reasonable connections between their behavior and the resulting consequences.

The following list of core beliefs outlines the professional actions and attitudes for all staff members in this school:

  1. We believe that teachers and students should seek to glorify God in all they do.
  2. We believe that a teacher’s primary responsibility is to love his/her students.
  3. We believe in encouraging students to make decisions and live with the consequences.
  4. We believe that mistakes should be considered as opportunities for learning and personal growth.
  5. We believe that with adult guidance, students should be responsible to solve the problems they create in a way that does not make a problem for others.
  6. We believe that in the discipline process a teacher should seek to preserve students’ self-respect and dignity.

Based onĀ Love and Logic