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At Whitefield Academy, we teach students to think critically, communicate clearly, and lead compassionately.

Classical Christian Education at Whitefield


Pre-Kindergarten offers our youngest students, our “Little Lions” the opportunity to begin their school years in a loving, supportive, nurturing, and faith-filled atmosphere. Class size is limited to ensure that each one receives the best care and attention possible.


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grammar | Whitefield Academy

Grammar (K- 6th)

We call our elementary school, the Grammar School.

In a loving, supportive, and faith-filled atmosphere, students develop and internalize Christian virtue. The skills of literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking are taught and used in many contexts, and students to engage with them creatively, thoughtfully, and carefully. There is never any busy work.


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Logic (7th - 8th)

In the Logic stage of development, children develop abstract reasoning ability. At Whitefield, students learn to develop and examine arguments in every subject. These are important years, and we take special care to work through matters of the faith so that our students to take ownership for their decisions and learn to think through those choices using a biblical grid.


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Rhetoric (9th - 12th)

High school students use their grammar and logic skills to express their knowledge in oral and written forms. Beyond academics, we pray that students will desire to honor Christ every day of their lives by thinking and acting virtuously.


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