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The cost to educate a child is more than we charge for tuition. This difference is intentional because we believe every family who wants their children to have the Whitefield experience should be able to receive it.

There is a disparity of approximately 14% between required fixed costs and our discretionary income. We bridge this gap through the generous support of our Annual Fund, Benefit and other programs. We are able to fulfill our mission by partnering with people like you who believe in what we are doing.


Annual Fund

Our Annual Fund is the foundation of all giving programs at Whitefield. It is the fund designated by Whitefield to bridge the gap between the total cost of educating a student and the amount paid in tuition.

Contributions to our Annual Fund provide a steady supply of unrestricted money that can be used for a variety of purposes including financial aid, scholarships, personnel costs, facility operations, equipment purchases and other needs to keep our school running smoothly and efficiently. Unrestricted gifts give us the flexibility to respond in a timely manner to opportunities and unexpected challenges.


On a broad scale, Whitefield desires to establish an endowment that will supplement the needs of the school on an annual basis. The earnings from our endowment will allow Whitefield to expand and grow. We are currently seeking five to ten seed gifts between $100,000 and $250,000 each to be given over the next five years.

PTF Fundraiser

Our Parent-Teacher Fellowship sponsors a fundraiser each fall with funds raised designated for school improvements. The 2016 Serve Day raised over $24,000 with 280 students, faculty and parents participating together at ministries in our community to work for the nonprofits and raise funds for Whitefield simultaneously.

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