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Fine Arts


Our Fine Arts program is a destination for every Whitefield student on their way to graduation.

Intentional training in these disciplines are not merely “extras.” It serves to better prepare our students to see and understand the beauty of God’s creation, and to express their own ideas in creative ways.

theater | Whitefield AcademyDramatic Arts


Students are introduced to performance of dramatic arts with this annual eighth grade production of one of the Three Theban Plays by Sophocles.


This year’s production of Macbeth marks the second time in Whitefield’s history that students have performed a tragedy. The actors and crew voted to set the production during the American Civil War, showing that Shakespeare, indeed any great writing, may be applied to all times and cultures.

All 9-12th grade students are invited to participate in the annual Shakespeare production. As Whitefield students approach the Bard’s works, their years of training in interpretation of challenging literature allows them to bring remarkable performances to the stage so that even young audience members grasp the humor and drama.


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